Etna Suite Rooms

The property is made up of rooms Idilio, Bellini, Primavera, Lux, Ideale. Two of these elegant rooms, Idilio – a spacious triple room - and Bellini, an elegant suite, have a balcony with views of the historic Via Etnea and Bellini Gardens. The Primavera room is a delightful double bedroom, room that respects the regulations for the hospitality of disabled people. Ideale and Lux rooms are two cozy and full optional double rooms.


Etna Suite room is large, bright and has a double room. Modern furnishings and rich in details, give the environment a fresh and relaxed atmosphere. Room Air-conditioned and equipped with a fridge bar and a LCD TV flat screen, to ensure maximum agio.

Pax: 5

Place: In front of Villa Bellini

Floor: 1

Color: Violet


Idilio is spacious, comfortable and bright, equipped with all the comfort, with a nice touch of color that gives to the location the right balance between sobriety and modernity.

Pax: 4

Place: In front of Villa Bellini

Floor: 1

Color: White


Accommodate and breathe the fresh scent of Spring. The room is sparkling, ultra-modern, intimate, equipped with every comfort. Accessing it means feeling its warm on the skin, For a load of positive emotions.

Pax: 2

Place: Interna

Floor: 1

Color: Blu


Intimate, bright and contemporary furnishings. Entering the Lux Room means getting lost in an oasis of relax, serenity and comfort. Like other rooms, it guarantees maximum comfort to give you unique moments. An unforgettable stay in a highly suggestive place.

Pax: 2

Place: Internal

Floor: 1

Color: White, green


A room soul, colored by sunryas! It has everything for a pleasant and relaxing stay. Ideal in name and the facto, can to cheer guests and give a warm feeling and a nice sensation. It’s loved by everyguest, thanks to the environment that is harvested and fully enjoyable.

Pax: 2

Place: Internal

Floor: 1

Color: Violet

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