etna suite rooms

It consists of the Idilio, Bellini, Ideale, Lux, and Primavera rooms. Two of these elegant rooms, Idilio, a spacious triple, and Bellini, a refined suite, have a balcony overlooking the historic Via Etnea and the Bellini Garden. The Primavera room is a delightful double room that complies with the regulations for hosting disabled guests. The Ideale and Lux rooms are two cozy and fully optional doubles.


The Bellini room is spacious, bright, and equipped with a double bed. The modern and richly detailed furnishings give the environment a fresh and comfortable atmosphere. Air-conditioned, equipped with a minibar and a flat-screen LCD TV to ensure maximum comfort.


Idilio is a spacious, comfortable, and bright triple room that meets the needs of every guest, equipped with all the comforts, with a touch of color that doesn't hurt and that gives the location the right balance between sobriety and modernity.


Settle in and breathe in the fresh scent of Spring. The room is literally dazzling, ultramodern, intimate, and equipped with every comfort. Accessing it means feeling its warmth on your skin, for a charge of positive emotions.


Intimate, bright and featuring contemporary furnishings. Stepping into the Lux room means getting lost in tranquility and comfort. Like the other rooms, it guarantees the utmost comfort to offer unique moments of rest and an unforgettable stay in a highly suggestive setting.


The room is intimate, bright, and equipped with every comfort for a pleasant and relaxing stay. Ideal by name and by nature, it can delight guests and provide a sense of warmth and hospitality, thanks to the cozy and fully enjoyable environment.